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Khmu People collection

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 2019.04.30

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Files, A/V, artifacts, and photographs related to the Sisters of the Holy Family and their work with the Khmu people.

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This material was donated by Chris Doan on behalf of the archives of the Archdiocese of San Francisco in February 2019.

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  • 1963-2010


13 linear feet (6 record cartons, 4 oversize boxes)


KHMU PEOPLE BOX 1. Village life/Missionaries: Photographs from pre 1975, Laos; “Being Kammu” written by Tayanin, 1994 Kmhmu folk tales told called “Seal Pi Khap Seal Gon” by Khan Meung Siprasert, 1996 Kmhmu folk tales called “The Gourd” as told by Somsey Srisamone, undated Folk tales of Kmhmu’ beginnings told by Bounchiamla Viengvilai- two photographs of Bouchiamla, his wife and grandchildren, 1995-2003 Kmhmu’s customs and rituals: Wrist tying ceremony: prepared by Thomas Manokoune, 1996 Meaning of Kmhmu names: Leo, Thai, Kmhmu, Thaidam; undated Kmhmu’s musical instruments; undated Thailand: Refugee Camps: photographs and negatives, 1976-1980s Seattle, WA, 1980-1990 (photographs: Seattle Kmhmu’ story 1980-1984, Kmhmu’s story 1980s-1985-1989, Seattle Garden project, Seattle 1990) Seattle, Washington, 1980-1990- Family pictures( Family pictures- unidentified, parish booklet- most unidentified) San Francisco- Bay Area: Early starts 1980-1991- chronology-Stockton beginnings, Richmond beginnings 1992: Local priest aids Kmhmu bible translation: Kmhmu Catholic Community, Photographs 1992, 1993; Confirmandi Young Adult and Teen prospects Materials about the Kmhmu; edited by Father Don Macknnon- one photo, 1993 Personal stories and one copy with photographs attached, 1993 Friends of Kmhmu evening; photographs, 1993 Photographs: Nov. 17, 1993, Richmond= Sandra Souriya is baptized – garage room, original painting of Kmhmu Village in Laos, 1993 Fundraising project: Who ever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me, 1992 Misc. from 1994: photographs, ETV center at St. Patrick’s Seminary to record Mass responses, Diocese of Oakland, Kmhmu’ Catholic Telephone book, U.S.A. Pre-Convocation- Kmhmu Catechetical meeting, Video tape-July 16, 1994 Convocation: Kmhmu’ Catechetical Convocation, 1994 Post- Convocation: From Catholic Voice – Diocese of Oakland Convocation photographs, 1994 Christmas Photographs, 1994 Photographs, booklets, and papers, 1995 BOX 2 General events – 1996: photographs, booklets and news bulletins National Catholic Kmhmu’ convocation/ Richmond- July 1996; news bulletins and photographs U.S.A. Catholic Kmhmu logo: Introducing Our Kmhmu’ Newsletter 1997: Kmhmu Catholic Community General materials: 1997, photographs, news bulletins, booklets National Kmhmu’ New year celebration photographs, November 29, 1997 Christmas photographs, Richmond and Berkeley, 1997 Booklets, 1998 General material 1998: photographs, news bulletins, booklets Kmhmu’ Health Study: Stockton Diocese: An Independent study of a survey of the health and well-being of the Kmhmu refugee community of Stockton, by Gloria Carrasco, M.S., 1998 Kmhmu’ Catholic convocation: Richmond, photographs and invitation cards, 1998 Kmhmu’ National New Year- Thanksgiving weekend- hosted by Richmond, 1998 Photographs of Kan Souriya and Fr. Wattana visit communities, 1998 Calendar, 1999 General material 1999: news bulletins, photographs, letters National Catechetical workshop-- Kmhmu’ Catholics photographs and notes, 1999 Kmhmu’ National New Year, Stockton: photographs and program, 1999 Raan-Kan Kmhmu’ Cultural and Educational Center, Incorporated- Copy of Incorporation signed by Secretary of State, 1999 Christmas photographs and bulletin, 1999 Calendar, 2000 General material 2000: photographs, news bulletins, and booklets Christmas Photographs, 2000 Publications about Immigrants/Asia: Booklets, 2000 Calendars, 2001 General material 2001: photographs, news bullets, booklets 10th Anniversary: Fr. Don, Sr. Michaela with Kmhmu’ people, 2001 Christmas Photographs, 2001 BOX 3 Calendars, 2002 General materials 2002: photographs, booklets, news bulletins Acting the Lenten Gospels pictures, 2002 Holy Week pictures and photographs, 2002 Pentecost – Richmond and Stockton photographs and newsletters, 2002 Ceremonies of Kmhmu’ Video tape: photographs and videotape, 2002 Sr. Michaela’s trip: photographs, notes from Sr. Michaela’s Thailand/ Laos Journal, 2002 Stockton “Building the flower tree” photographs and reading materials, 2007 Kmhmu’ New Year photos and DVD tape, 2002-2003 Christmas Photographs, 2002 Calendars, 2003 Lent photographs and materials, 2003 Photographs and community ministry bulletin, 2003 Kmhmu’ National Concert Event CD and photos, 2003 Visitor from Thailand, Fr. John Photographs, 2003 Oakland Diocese, Chatauqua photographs and song sheet, 2003 Kmhmu’ National New Year – Richmond, photographs, 2003 Various Fall materials: photographs, slides, news bulletins, 2003 Advent photographs and sheets concerning the lives of some Saints, 2003 Christmas photographs and carol sheets, 2003 Miscellaneous photographs, 2003 Calendars, 2004 General materials 2004: photographs, news bulletins, Building Bridges: Crossing Cultural Boundaries Lent Holy Week: photographs and materials for Liturgy, 2004 Summer, instruction on the Pastoral Care of Migrants magazines and photographs, 2004 November Photographs, 2004 Christmas photographs and Advent reading materials, 2004 Undated materials, photographs, Pastoral strategies for multicultural parishes by Fr. John Coleman, S.J., 2004 BOX 4 Calendars, 2005 General materials 2005: photographs and information materials The Kmhmu’ story: First quarter 2005, by Sr. Michaela O’Connor Holy Week and Easter photographs, 2005 Laos Mission visit: Fr. Don: bulletin about the mission, 2005 Fr. Don’s Missionary visit to Thailand photographs, 2005 General materials 2006: photos, pictures, bulletins, geography of Thailand sheet Thai painting done for U.S. Kmhmu’, 2006 Bishop Ling’s visit photos, 2006 Kmhmu’ student foundation, Miss Kmhmu’ calendar, 2007 General materials 2007: photographs and musical sheets Fr. Crespan visit from Italy photographs, 2007 Calendars, 2008 General materials 2008: photographs, Bishop’s Annual Public Policy Breakfast Special Invitation; Youth Needs Assessment by Valerie Edward, LCSW Easter and Holy Week photos and reading materials, 2008 Fr. Crespan Visit and Seattle Kmhmu’ Convention photographs and reports, 2008 Undated materials: photographs and scanned materials, 2008 Asian Saints for reference, prayers, plays: Reading materials concerning different Saints, 2008 Calendar and telephone directory for Kmhmu’ Catholics, 2009 General material 2009: photographs, invitation cards, reading materials, etc. Calendars, 2010 General material 2010: CD- Fr. Wattana, Eleven Out of Bounds written by Fr. Donald B. MacKinnon, photographs and pictures Lent and Holy Week, readings for the last Sunday of each months, 2010 Miscellaneous undated materials, photographs and pictures, 2010 BOX 5 Pra Khamphi- Krlo’ Kmhmu’ (Bible), undated Ceremonies of Kmhmu’ – Video, undated Songs for Mass – congregational singing hymnal sheets and compacts, undated Kmhmu’ Language Mass and Hymns, video tape and reading materials, undated Music used by Kmhmu’ Catholics at mass and prayers hymnal sheets, 1997 & undated Bishop’s Appeal in which Kmhmu’ appear – videotape, 2000 Chautauqua V ethinic centers celebration, undated U.S.A. produced cassette compact, New Beginnings: A Guide to designing parenting programs for refugee and immigrant parents, 1993 Dictionary Kmhmu’- English, undated Dictionary Kmhmu’-French, undated Elizabeth Preisig – “Rice, Women and Rituals,” undated Pamphlets on Scandinavian Institute of Asian Studies Monograph Series, c. 1987 Kmhmu’ Folk Tales gathered by Scandinavian Institute of Asian Studies, 1977-1993 Primers for speaking Kmhmu’, 2003 Primers for speaking Kmhmu’ (french), 2003 BOX 6 Thailand Pictures, 2002 Vietnamese Montagnards: Men of Dignity by Paul L.Seitz, 1975 Doctor America, the Story of Tom Dooley by Terry Morris, 1963 Hmong: The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman and Mhong Folklife by Don Wilcox, 1986 – 1998 Laotian: Catholic Catechism according to articles of the Creed by Vientiane Diocesan priests and catechists; Let Us Pray by Fr. Louis Leduc, 1984 and undated Royal Flag of Laos done by Kham on Vilaikham, Richmond, undated Pictures: Peng Soyvira – Petaluma, undated Photo album showing life in Thailand, undated BOX 7 Ladies traditional jacket, skirt, and bags Wooden form used to wind up the new thread as it came off of the spinning wheel (made by Keo Manivong) Hand woven and decorated festive skirt (The metallic and silken thread would have been traded for or bought in a city. It was not available in the Kmhmu’ mountain village). Wrap around skirt (The threads in this wrap-around skirt are not available in the mountain villages. Either the thread, or the material itself was obtained in a city. Skirts like this one were reserved for extremely festive ceremonies or occasions- true even in the U.S.) Metal belt used by the women on fancy dress occasions. Strings prepared for Tuk ti ceremony (Part of the decoration at center of gathering) Strings prepared for Tuk ti ceremony (They will be part of the Kan-Raaq S’ooq, or flower tree) Ornaments and key chains made in the shape of a traditional bamboo pipe ((musical instrument). Very few Kmhmu’ play these pipes in the U.S.) Small kitchen dipper or spoon cleverly made from where a branch came off of the bamboo stem 2 ‘Mep Mah[ pronounced as bep ma]- rice container, small; miniature baskets in this one. ‘Mep Mah (French influence obvious in the “bon voyage” woven into the containers) 2 Bamboo vases Tool for digging the earth during rice planting Quiver and arrows. Ladle 2 ornaments (At community celebration a lady may present a gentleman with one of these ornaments, thereby inviting him to dance with her. Of course, real flowers in Laos) Small bag (Hand made by Kam Setoue [pronounced as Gham Set-oo-ee] in the refugee camp in Thailand. The Pom-poms were made by Hmong ladies. Kam is one of the Souksamphan sisters (including Kham vivideth, Peung Sovilay and Ouy Sithaket). Bag of tassles and pom poms (Ornamental hangings made by Kmhmu’ women. Tassels and pompoms made by Hmong) 4 rice bags (Rice bags such as this were woven, thread twisted from the plastic and the carrying bags made) 2 items of traditional attire BOX 8 Men’s traditional jacket 2 shirts woven by Boon Maniwong Royal flag of Laos (by Kham On Vilaikham; Richmond CA 1992. Kmhmu’ Pastoral Center, Sr. Michaela) BOX 9 2 winnowing trays BOX 10 Cross bows (?) Weaving tools (?) Bird trap (?) BOX 11 Spinning wheel BOX 12 Cotton Jin