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USCUR. Santa Clara University Records

 Record Group
Identifier: USCUR
SCU’s university record groups are a collection of records that share the same provenance (origin) and are of a convenient size for administration. Record group classification numbers consist of alphanumeric codes that correspond to record groups organized into categories according to a scheme that identifies, distinguishes, and relates the categories. They are used to uniquely identify groups of records generated by various University entities, as well as the component parts of these groups of records. The overall schema is hierarchical and divided in such a way that each separate record group will, in most cases, encompass the records of each major administrative unit, such as the president’s office, colleges, or business office. A record group may also represent a synthetic collective body created by the archivist to group the records of several smaller bodies with similar functions or organizational characteristics, such as campus committees, student organizations, or non-University sources of info about the University.