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Cicaterri, Felix, S.J., Fr.



  • Existence: 1804-04-03 - 1873-07-15


Father Felix Cicaterri, S.J. served as third president of Santa Clara College from 1857-1861. Father Cicaterri was a one-time rector of the Jesuit college in Verona. His four years were devoted to resolving the school’s financial woes; a troubling debt of $61,000 held down the school, which at the time equates to over ten times that amount. The annual interest added was $6,620. On top of this dept was the added construction costs of buildings which Cicaterri’s predecessors left half finished. For example, the foundation of the gymnasium were laid in 1857, but the structure was only completed in 1859. To satisfy the creditors, Cicaterri borrowed money at the rate of 1.5% interest per month. Despite a gift from benefactors in Mexico of $1,100 and latter fundraising efforts by Jesuits, the school still struggled under significant debt. Father Cicaterri was removed from office, possible due to the financial state of the school, in 1861.

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Records of the Presidents, 1856-1921

 Record Group
Identifier: 3DB
Scope and Contents Files include primarily correspondence of the early presidents of Santa Clara: Congiato (1856-1857), Cicaterri (1857-1861), Villiger (1861-1865), Varsi (1868-1876), Brunengo (1876-1880), Kenna (1883-1888), Pinasco (1888-1893), Riordan (1893-1894), Kenna (1899-1905), Gleeson (1905-1910), Morrissey (1910-1913), Thornton (1913-1918), and Murphy (1918-1921). Boxes 5 and 6 include Fr. Kenna's breviary and crucifix and Box 7 includes 2 copies of Rev. John Ryan, S.J.'s "Memoir of the Life of Rev....
Dates: 1856-1921

Records of the Felix Cicaterri, 1857-1861

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 1989-014
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